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Dan Dugan Override issue

I had an interesting bug with a Dugan the other day. Almost lost my mics to air, but when bypassed at the channel insert… I got to air (although I did get skunked on a mic slipping). I recreated the

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Tape to USB

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Down the drain!

I’ve warned many guest to watch the pack when they go to the washroom. And, they giggle. Today a colleague showed me this. It must have been REALLY in there for the wire to snap… and once it snapped it

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idle Idlers on tape decks

sometimes, there’s no hope for a tape… no matter what condition it’s in. After a few hours in the oven, this 499 is pretty much toast. If it were on an A80 or ATR it would play, but a machine

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Hammond B3 Wiring Diagram

I wish the author of this drawing signed it or put his name in the comments so I could thank him

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500 series Dimension D

Very cool

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Wurli nightmare…

Quite possibly the WORST place a bobby pin could fall inside a Wurli

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m1208 direct out mod

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EASY CUT CABLE TIES This Is So Easy It’s not rocket science but the clever addition of a simple niche to the cable tie design! The Easy_to_Cut cable tie makes snipping off a tie easier and safer. Been there; done that – the

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WBS 880651 – 8 track monitor return section and overdub feature

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Consolidating Hard drives

Practicing what I preach. Moving (14) drives into long term storage. Pulled all the backups out of the safety deposite box, and moved their contents move forward onto a 3TB hard drive. Once it’s all checked for redundancies I will

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A place to share –

Register Now! Spring cleaning is around the corner and I’m here to help find homes for orphans and floating things I’m finding around my shops and basement. I’ve got some great friends selling things I really believe in and want

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Channel 13

Since the beginning of this console build: 13 has had every problem. and it continues to this day. I think consoles should be like elevators and be 25, 33… 49 channels

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Plessey needed

anyone have this Plessey? I need (3) for a console refurb.

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Micro Delays

I’m sure I’m not the only one to do this: In an effort to avoid feedback and improve intelligibility, I push it back. It’s like giving the mic 2.5 feet extra away from the driver. its un-noticeable to the audience

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Show up to work

I show up to work and there’s a new console. It’s amazing how fast things can change when you look away for a few days. Not the biggest proponent of digital desks, but this desk vs the M7CL it replaced

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Hold ALT and Click

A helpful trick for the multiple interface user

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Studer A820 – 1″ 8 track

A definite dream machine… when it’s working For sale on eBay now

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2006 – Microphone Case

Les Fabian and I designed this case for a store front and his brother Don built it for us, I wonder what happened to it when Larry and Moe bought it…

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2008 – Microphone Stand Cart

I knew I had some pictures of this cart somewhere… it eventually got painted and looked much better but as my grandfather always said “Functionality first” It was nice for medium sized stands, clips and round basses. Cost me about

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  • 100A 3-Phase Temporary Power Distro's
    All 3 are 100A 3-phase panels. They stack and interlock. One has wheels on the bottom for easy storage. 5-foot Cam-Tails as input. 2 near-complete CamTee sets included. Originally made for supplying a large amount of Food-Trucks and other festival vendors. 2 panels are identical with: 6 dbl 30A 1 dbl 20A 1 single 20A […]
  • Telefunken U47 - Mint condition
    Mint Condition Telefunken U47 Tube microphone. Amazing condition. $20,000 USD I have never seen a specimen in this museum condition ever.
  • Neve 1D005 Pre-amps
    1D005 pre-amps in boutique audio rack. powered and ready to love it's like a micro 1073 Inductor-based EQ, transformer input
  • (7) Genelec 8240A PM Powered speaker
  • NEVE 8816 Summing mixer
    Neve 8816 summing mixer includes quality D-SUB breakouts
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