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extruded brilliance

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looking back 10 years

finding pictures in the archive. I made some good records with that gear. I kept only two pieces and gradually weeded out and upgraded the rest The back was the best part. I remember one of the guys who worked

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Small 28 module wide console concepts…

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Mono Rules!

Surround microphone maker “Holophone” has given in and made a mono microphone. They look kinda cool, a more rugged Shure 5455

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Jazz vs Rock

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How to properly move an EMT 140 plate

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Time for a facelift… working on a new gallery—Display-module

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EDAC insert send by WBS

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Drawing up a small mixer

Building a rack of (12) WBS M470 with (12) M472 EQs. I’m still thinking about the fader replacement… I was debating an Edac for the inserst send and return with 15dB pads…

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WBS M1026

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Bil Whitlock Mic Splitter white paper

a good read:

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Tools of the trade

An apprentice learned a lesson the hard way. I learned he needs to have his own tools.

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Eugene was there

I got asked today how WBS “NOW” is connected to WBS “THEN” Here on the drawing board (1976) is the man in charge today. I’ll have to ask him when he started…

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RENTALS – I’ve spent so much time with this stuff in the shop, it’s time to hit record!!

I’ve decided to open my racks up for rental in town and in at the studio It’s VERY reasonably priced The whole thing started with Jägermeister. Kill Bennedy, may he rest in peace, said: “Every studio I go to

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Tanda Recording – Nice Package

This is an advert we did for Tanda Recording The effort / thought was that in a small market a package price would reduce fear of the unknown costs of recording in a Studio. I think it came out great.

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Dial-up modem

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Neve Desk

I recently saved this Neve desk from imminent scrapping. I needed a work surface while designing something and it was perfect. It’s now got a new purpose at my home office. Its a little weird in terms of rack screws

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Answer RP

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