Month: March 2013

if you have a console from 1985-1994 please let me know.. I may have the manual for your console. Please email me your console project number and serial number and I’ll see if I do.

This dominated—Past-Products/MODULES/INPUT-PRE-AMPS/M460/M460A—Input-Module<

Dead dead dead

not many 11.5-lb Distribution amps being made these days….

I once had a candle spill on a console. This was the result

I circled it in the 1997 Broadcast Technology Magazine (I was 14 years old) and this came in the mail

My Collection of WBS ads can be found here

found this oldie on a shelf. Very nice build and the uA meter is very useful

What better reason to re-cap a little tape deck while on vacation

and My god was I impressed with his Stereo 1981, purchased new for about $5000

Cleaning up garage and I found a real blast from my past. This was the first mixer I ever bought, if I looked hard enough I think I could find the invoice…. This is a british – Star Sound Dynamix …

a blast from my past… Read More »

I found these amazing scrapers and as a tool nerd I MUST SHARE. I scrape a lot of things… cleaning the fronts of gear, labels, smoothing surfaces etc etc… Someone introduced me to these Nisaku blades. They have a flexible …

Best scraper I’ve ever held in my hands Read More »

guess which one was mine?

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