Month: April 2013

Another installation / configuration from hell I’ve got it running again.

I’m always on the hunt for tools to speed up the work and save product. Here’s my latest find

I screwed up the M

I’ve been restoring WBS consoles for about 10 years now, and I think I’ve just taken the art of what I love doing to the next level. I have acquired THE Gorton P1-2 used at the WBS factory. It was …

A new member of the family: It’s a Gorton! Read More »

you know it’s a piece of shit when it forgets its name.

Elegance in simplicity

Wait until you see the inside, and the support truck :-)

I’ve been planning some 12 channel consoles / Racks for a long time now. Here is a sketch of what that profile will be.

I had an old WBS 60-12 input transformer with tails too short to re use. so I opened it up. After desoldering the bottom cap, I cut the shell open. I’m sure if I heated up the wax it would …

WBS 60-12 input transformer Read More »

Here is my newest piece of kit for the adapter box. I designed this for RRCS. Made of Mogami 4 pair, high quality expandable sleeving and Neutrik Connectors Everything is paralleled to everything making it a 4 in 1 adapter …

4 in 1 – Y Cables and Turn arounds Read More »

Doing a migration from one computer to another I’ve lost my ability to licence a software a really enjoyed. Bias Peak and Bias Sound Soap. Their licensing server has been shut down and I cannot authorize it. I understand there …

This sucks – Bias no longer operating Read More »

I was looking thought my archive and found this. It’s a programming sheet for an AMS RMX-16 delay unit. I think we have the scanning wands somewhere… I doubt this would ever work as the JPEG compression would really mess …

AMS RMX-16 Delay Read More »

From the ground up. Just ask Norm

Here are some WBS manuals that have been consolidated. Their Functional Diagrams, Layouts have been preserved but the details are no longer with us. A “vanilla” complete copy of the console / communication system have been archived and will soon …

Some WBS manuals Read More »

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