Month: June 2013

I’ve been working on a new functional digram for Peggy sue to explain to a client what it could become. It’s slowly taking shape, and I like where it’s going. Im looking for some parts… I may have to put …

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I had to make a change to a domain name and brand. was getting blocked by corporate firewalls so I will be renaming rebranding the web store to The objective is to have an alternative place to … – “Because you NEED this” Read More »|7914

Got a order of APK orange locks coming in from a good friend. All keyed the same, with a few keys to spare. Thanks Mossman!

Doing some calibration the other day and I brought old Faithful: B and K Tone Generator and HP 400FL meter. I modified the backs to have XLR connectors and the meter has an isolation transformer in it. Can’t work without …

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I was watching: and noticed a vise I could put to use

Rebuilding some TT patchbays and need new back panels

1. Alcohol removes silkscreen 2. no two pots are created equally. 3. Standards aren’t I got this from a re-call sheet from tube-tech:

MUCH BROADCAST AUDIO setup for the 2013 Much Music Video Awards – Toronto Design: Michael Nunan, Doug Smith, Anthony Montano Michael Nunan – Main Mix Jonny Bartel – Main Mix Assist Patrick Castongay – Main Miix Assist Finlay Braithwaite – …

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It’s easy to see if a wire is hooked up and transmitting but a task I’ve needed a tool for is watching Frequencies at performances. this little tool can confirm transmission and locate where, who and what freq the hits …

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Never thought about it… …

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Includes some mating Smith Connectors. If you can put this to use, I think I may be able to cut you a smoking deal on the unit as a package.

Making a 12 channel breakout snake. I think it turned out great! The new labels are looking good, and are very nicely visible / functional

Summer A.S.S. internship APKaudio is a company that designs, fabricates, repairs, restores and consults on audio technologies for recording, public address, broadcast and motion picture industries. APKaudio is looking for summer students to experience what it’s like to work in …

APKaudio is now accepting summer A.S.S. internship applications Read More »

AKAI MG1214 12 track recorder Make me an offer

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