Month: July 2013

I got a new console vacuum today! Backpack Dayton 4TR09… and it kicks serious ass! I hate eBay… but this was the best $125 I’ve spent in a while

Original: New design: New Panel:

My Brother sent me this flea market gem. The power on the schematic was wrong, a cap lead had come undone and it needed some TLC. The output is very low and I may build a little pre-amp for it…

If you have none, here are two of the best on the market

All I can say is: Holy shit Found this one the Sound Art facebook page


I want old scalers. I only take the Jacquettes

So I’ve been digging through some pictures and found These Gems from about 10 years ago… I was 19 years old and moved into the 3rd floor of 115 2nd Ave North Saskatoon. It was RIGHT downtown saskatoon. It had …

2003 – HVR – my first commercial studio 10 years ago Read More »

Was Cleaning some old faders when….

I was thinking about custom keyboards foot controlled USB interfaces… then maybe some buttons on a panel… And a foot mouse!

Containing the best charts of their kind available anywhere, this free user-interactive applet is built around two main charts; one showing the overall frequency ranges of the various musical instruments and another showing the average sensitivity of the human ear …

Interactive Frequency and Gain Charts Read More »

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