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Original LA2A for sale…

Photos by Philip Hotz

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The 1/2 designer was the EE – Lacie WhizKey failure

After a year on my key chain, my Lacie WhizKey is unreadable :-( Could anyone recommend a solid replacement? The cap that came supplied had no locking mechanism, it was lost thus making the contacts exposed to the environment. Cleaning

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An EDAC panel with some fresh engraving

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Selling the Invisible (Harry Beckwith) a must read

I’ve been reading a bunch of books on sales and marketing lately and one book that is really sticking out for me is Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith. Selling a services is a hard game and recording time, technical

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Hard not to admire the design of Braun


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Drilling into drywall? – This life hack is amazing

All that time I spend on Reddit finally paid off with this life pro tips. Thought I’d share how it saved me from pulling out the vacuum

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Searching for a small reverb tank… 1BB3C1B – Who hoards these?

I’m repairing a Yamaha PG-1 guitar pre-amp and am in need of a reverb tank The model # I have is 1BB3C1B 1 – Type 1 B – Input Impedance 150 Ohm B – Output Impedance 2,250 Ohm 3 –

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WBS POD 22A meters – house standard!

Dave did some nice tails for the WBS POD 22 meters.

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Got my school book list…

Got my school book list. Does anyone know a good place to buy text books online? I would prefer both a paper and PDF version (to save my back)

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WBS T1202A in for a cleaning

Dave got his hands a little dirty in the cleaning of a clients T1202A. Very good little task out of the way. While it was in I snapped a few pics for the archive :-) I would have named it

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Spectrafoo or Smaart?

I’m looking to invest in a mobile acoustic measurement software and am looking for opinions. I’ve been playing with the Spectrafoo Demo and I must say it’s very impressive and it’s very competitively priced. The Main thing appealing to

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Monster buzzword buzzword buzzword wire VS solder

We had a chunk on Monster Cable “Interlink Reference 2 High Resolution total bandwidth balance Audio Interconnect cable with Micro fiber” and a piece of solder in the shop… so we put them through the audio precision. guess which one

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Getting the WBS POD22s ready for installation

There is nothing like this meter on the market. It’s nice to have on the bench, excited to get them installed!

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Hurt feelings reports

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Hand Wrench


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20130530 – new WBS Console Side Panels

There has been talks of 12 channel consoles being made so designs are moving from paper to cad… I’ve been dreaming up a new design of side panel that can lay flay or be stood upright using a support. The

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Always growing the adapter wall

The demands only grow as the systems do. Red – XLRF – TRS Blue – XLRM – TRS Green – ground lift Yellow – polarity inverter Violet – XLRM – XLRM Black Expando – XLRF – XLRF Orange – XLR

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20100424 – Roxanne – a WBS R1200 resto mod

One of my first ground up restores. This was a console with 12 Mic pre-amps, direct outs, summing and a monitor. It had a “Red Light” on the meter bridge… so I added a switch that said “POTRL” that “Put

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