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Sound guy Xmas idea #3 – New patch cables

Just avoid Planet Waves:

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Sound guy xmas idea #2 – Drive-Loc Master Tech Set

Here is a great set of screw and nut drivers every tool kit should have. They are compact lightweight and consistent. I can carry 20 drivers for the same weight as 5 full sized drivers. I really like that they

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2 months until xmas… Sound guy xmas gift idea #1

Xmas is around the corner. My family has always complained about buying gifts for a sound guy. In an effort to simplify the search and beat the rush I will be posting some ideas that you may also share in

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How to properly wire in a dolby encoder / decoder

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Spiromill – Engraving with a spirograph

I have a project coming up where I needed a special face plate. I came up with the idea of engraving with a spirograph, so I ordered one on eBay and it showed up today! The setup was a little

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Big K and the worlds Roundest Object

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Making Yamaha to Digi crossover snakes

I had a call for some rush Yamaha digital to Digidesign Digital snakes.

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Now that I have a side… here is an isometric view of the side car

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Munchy Crunchy and Intermittent


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Details are going in for some side cars

I’m working on the details for some 12 channel side car panels. I’ve done a few rough sketches but these are the most accurate dimensions yet. Things are coming together and as I’m drawing I’m realizing how truly brilliant the

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Schoeps at AES

This looks and probably sounds amazing! from: Studio Vocal Microphone V4 U Studio Vocal Microphone New small-diaphragm capsule architecture, with bevelled collar for controlling the polar response. Warm, clear sonic character with smoothly rolled-off diffuse-field response. Capsule head with

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1AM dead caliper battery – improvise

My caliper battery died while working late.  I looked in storage and swore there was one there, no success.  Two AA cells later I was back in the game!  

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Making TT patch cables with Neutrik NP3TT-P-B crimp connectors

I was making some TT patch cables with Neutrik NP3TT-P-B crimp connectors and was told before buying them that the crimping tool to work with them was “too much” Turns out there is a set of jaws for our Paladin tool

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What every studio needs

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20131004 – Pedal board

While I was in Saskatoon I got the chance to build a pedal board for a friend.  He had 8 pedals “floating” around in his life and it was time to tie them down and power them up.  Without the

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Neumann cutting lathe acceleration limiter

Here are some before shots of the Neumann cutting lathe acceleration limiter BSB-74 It’s a really work of art in there, had to share.

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My cousin needs a new tweeter…

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