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Sound guy xmas idea #24 – BLUE TOOTH GLOVES

I find this to be hilarious.  

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As much as I AVoID it – I really love the “clip gain” feature in pro tools 10

I’m doing some work for a convention… editing a lectern mic for archival, and mic technique isn’t the forte of the crowd.  But to turn around 70 min of dialog in 15 min using pro tools and clip gain is

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Sound guy xmas idea #23 – Meyer MJF-210 “Texas headphones”

YES!!!  Meyer just announced a new line of wedges.  I’ve had nothing but an AMAZING experience working with the MJF-212 speaker and am excited for this smaller footprint monitor.  I  would have a six pack of these in my arsenal

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Sound guy xmas idea #23 – New “Hand Cart”

Sound guy xmas idea #23 – New “Hand Cart” – AKA: Dolly, Two Wheeler, Mexican Segway, Miss Parton… I was working with a cheep Canadian Tire dolly and blew a wheel almost right off the hop. It finally gave out and

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Sound guy xmas idea #22 – Microphone Shaped Sponge

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Sound guy xmas idea #21 – Han’s “Guitar” Solo T-Shirt

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My first AES publication mention

Got this is mail today.  I made page 810    

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Sound guy xmas idea #20 – New Leatherman

I try to keep one on myself at all times… it’s an Every Day Carry.   I think I can build an entire studio with one of these tools, and there hasn’t been a day in a good long time

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Sound guy xmas idea #19 – Good cable ties

After using them all… RIP-TIE wins hands down!  

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Sound guy xmas idea #18 – TOUGH GAFF tape dispenser

Either tape inner diameters are shrinking or my hands are getting fatter…  Could have put one of these to good use this weekend

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Sound guy xmas idea #17 – WALKIE VEST

I was doing a show today and I could have really used something like this to keep me organized.  Walkie pulling down my pants on one side, mic pre-amp hanging from a piece of sash… this would have been MUCH

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Sound guy xmas idea #16 – CANFORD RACK MOUNTED FRIDGE – 13 RU

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Engraving curved text – Old School

Trying out the circular Copy Dial.  We needed a way to index the positions so 360/40 is 9 degrees. 

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I’m not a foley artist but…

I’m not a foley artist but I was always told Corn Starch makes the best sounding snow…  Stay out of school kids; they can’t teach creativity, they can only encourage it. Of you could just youtube anything and some drunk

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Sound guy xmas idea #15 – MINI PAK’R Air Cushion Machine

I hate packing things, and a machine like the “MINI PAK’R” Air Cushion Machine would really come in handy.   I always wondered how they make the packets… these machines are very cool!  About $1500 but if you’re doing a

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MCI JH24 – We call it “Woody”

Got a new toy, MCI JH24 – We call it “Woody”, You know it’s not very cherry, it’s an oldie but a goody… But it still gets me where I wanna go It woke up from an 8 year slumber

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Sound guy xmas idea #14 – A custom piece of studio furniture

If it’s not custom it’s crap.  And, if it’s not designed and built with the love and respect for the craft like Brock at 2egress builds, it’s also crap. I met Brock my first week in Toronto and was blown

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Sound guy xmas idea #12 – PulTac Passive Tube Equalizer

Top shelf tube gear has never sounded so good and been so reliable.  Tristan has redesigned a classic and made it a price that’s hard to pass up. Two channels of Passive and Inductor based Program Equalization! Heavily modified version

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Sound guy xmas idea #11 – Book: Audio Systems Design and Installation

This is indeed a classic reference anyone who is building a studio should have.  A mentor, Neil Muncy, spoke of this as the be all end all of doing studios right.  it is available directly from the publisher so all

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Sound guy xmas idea #10 – Dan Dugan E-1A

The DD E-1A is the ultimate tool in not caring.  It does all the mixing for you and truthfully can do a better job than most seasoned mixers.   It’s fast… I mean SUPER fast and accurate.  There is a

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