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A Pandora Inside

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the “FUCK OFF” button

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A test fit of buckets one and two

had a brief test fit this evening…

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you know… I love this man and am forever in his debt.  He’s made laboratory grade audio equipment available to music / broadcast industry for many years and his standards and  interests have grown since his beginning.  Truly a childlike

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Sound guy xmas idea #28 – contact cleaner

Crunch time!  only days left to buy your sound guy a gift!  I like MG super contact cleaner with Poly Phenol Ether… it’s awesome.  And when you have MG chemicals, cut two holes at the top to the cap to

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20060723 – HVR ceiling fixture

In 2006 we (Myself and Andrew Waters) built a ceiling diffuser for the studio.  I’ve been doing some data backups and thought I’d share some pictures and info on the build.  The whole thing was made out of 2 X 4s

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Sound guy xmas idea #27 – ROLI seaboard Studio

A very new form of expressive keyboard has been introduced by ROLI in London.  They craft a very intuitive keyboard like no other called the seaboard. Recently they released the seaboard studio. I look at it as finally giving true

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Sound guy xmas idea #26 – A donation to wikipedia

I am certain you’ve used Wikipedia today, this week, this month  etc etc.  You should make a donation for the betterment of mankind.

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Sound guy xmas idea #25 – New drill with USB charger

I love DeWalt tools.  My drill has built many studios and is still going extremely strong!  It is however very bulky for the work I do now.  DeWalt (those clever guys) sent an email about their new 20V XR that

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custom side panels

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it’s alive

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