4 in 1 – Y Cables and Turn arounds

2013-04-10 11.57.37

Here is my newest piece of kit for the adapter box. I designed this for RRCS.

Made of Mogami 4 pair, high quality expandable sleeving and Neutrik Connectors

Everything is paralleled to everything making it a 4 in 1 adapter

1. XLRM to XLRM turn around
2. XLRF to XLRF turn around
3. XLRM Y to (2) XLRF
4. XLRF Y to (2) XLRM

$40, lifetime warranty

If you would like to order email Sales at RevolutionRecording dot com or visit Revolution Recording Custom Shop

Thanks to Ken Chen for building this protype

Female to Male Y

female to male Y

Female to female XLR

Male to Male XLR