APKaudio is now accepting summer A.S.S. internship applications

Summer A.S.S. internship

APKaudio is a company that designs, fabricates, repairs, restores and consults on audio technologies for recording, public address, broadcast and motion picture industries.

APKaudio is looking for summer students to experience what it’s like to work in a creative / technical / musical environment. If you are thinking of or have completed an education at a recording school: this is an opportunity to get your foot in the door of the recording industry. The Internship is based at Toronto’s destination recording facility.

“An opportunity to learn from the best at one of the most amazing places, @RevolutionRecording.” – Paul Phelan 2012 A.S.S.

In the tradition of offering an opportunity for “hard knocks” education, this position is to be an Apprentice Studio Slave. Hard work, dedication, networking abilities go a long way.

Learning opportunities:
– recording studio culture
– soldering / desoldering
– signal flow
– electronic components
– electronics refurbishment
– shop work flow
– online sales
– general cleaning
– Non-General Cleaning
– Minor Carpentry
– Inventory management
– studio maintenance
– equipment installing
– equipment decommissioning
– equipment service
– calibrating tape recorders
– component replacement
– patchbay design / fabrication
– multipin connectors
– photography
and other skills you never thought you would need / get.

Do you have what it takes to be an A.S.S.?
Candidates must be:
– Between the ages of 17-23 years old
– a 30-50 minute commute to Leslie St and Queen St in Toronto
– Male or Female
– Fluent in English
– technically inclined
– enthusiastic about audio
– curious
– Willing to work crazy hours
– able to tolorate tedious work
– Potty trained
– Able to tell the difference between right and wrong
– able to understand and follow directions
– Doing it for the experience and opportunity to learn

Must Have:
– Grade 12 education
– Valid Drivers License
– flexible hours
– fast hands
– sharp mind
– Professional Attitude
– Sense of humor / thick skin
– un ratty attire
– Interest in the science and the art of recording
– Shure SM-57
– Sharp Ear
– Quiet Tongue
– Notepad and writing utensils

Would be nice (but no necessary) if applicant could:
– Read with a grade 12 level of comprehension
– Setup and strike backline
– lift heavy things properly
– understand ladder safety
– understand how to maintain an inventory
– WordPress / php / HTML skills
– Use Microsoft Excel like a pro
– Use Pro Tools
– have no girlfriend
– Cleanup after themselves and others
– Tell the difference between a Male-XLR and a 220V Range plug
– Write gold records
– Anticipate the next step

If you ARE ANY of the following please DO NOT apply:
– A Square
– A Princess
– A Wiener
– A Complainer / Nagger
– Someone’s Ex-Wife
– lazy

Email statement of interest, resume, and references to:

WARNING: Funny or horrible resume quotes may be re-posted

Applications for the A.S.S. Position Open until filled