Adapter of the day

I was doing a gig on the weekend and was Introduced to an adapter that saved the gig. We had an in ear monitor that was buzzing, the feed was coming from the truck line level from the output of the clear-com. Right from the truck, at the panel on the outside, there was noise in the cue box. So instead of feeding that line level from the truck I thought it would be nice to send an IFB (clear com) to a TR-50 then Sennheiser IEM transmitter at ‘somewhat line level’. The truck engineer said “Hey there is a clear-com to Line level adapter in the truck, a Drier” Lo-and-behold it saved the feed and delivered a perfect noise free signal to the talents IFB. If anyone knows what’s inside please let me know, kinda curious.

We added a transformer for added isolation.

It’s not to dis-similar to

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