Book recommendation: Audio Systems Design and Installation

ASDIcover br-500x500

This is a very well respected read as recommended to me by Neil Muncy.  At the time I was working for him (in exchange for books and resources) he would not let this one go.  Because this book was originally a short run it was available in limited quantities and the used market priced this book at 100$ – 300$  

The recently had an AES special where it was $20 off, but I think it’s a little past the promotion.  If you were to mail the publisher, they may honor it.

Mine is coming hot off the presses:


I have received your order for Audio Systems Design and Installation,
and will notify you as soon as the printer delivers the first copies.

I had been hoping that would be by Sept. 30, but the printer is still
adjusting proofs so it will likely take a bit longer.




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