Month: April 2014

  Cleaning up the pile…

  With the exception of one little thing, these turned out great!  Cheers to Dave P and Jack C for doing some great work on this project  

uahhhh ha aha ha ooooohhhh yeahu huh hu 

Like Item 256: has stickers in stock!!! Going to roll out the new logo soon… here is a sneak peak.  AA s… but there are NO A HOLES   Like a garage sale sticker… sharpie in the item numbers and potential buyers can …

FREE STICKERS!!!! – – New Logo and sales concept Read More »

I’ve been working with a mastering engineer on the replacement of the face plate for a monitor I think it turned out well! Big KNOB… I assure you it’s no mackie in there…  Before (V1) with no section devision lines

Working on the mobile patching system.

Making things a little easier to post on the website.  Making it easier for users to post content and get help 4 simple categories of most asked questions. Support:  Archive:  Sales:  Users

A very interesting perspective on nuclear power. It’s on netflix. check it out

I was talking with one of my teachers today about gold in ICs. All the gold is in the wires of big chips… so I looked around and found another video about the PCB plating THEN, blessings to youtube, there …

was talking with someone about gold today Read More »

It’s not a WBS…  

a few years back I designed my own cable comb while doing a console build. I asked around if something excisted for my application to no avail… BEHOLD someone came up with an amazing product that does what I needed …

Combing Cables Read More »

Drawing charts: Improve the Data to ink ratio Check out the hints from

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