Month: May 2014

NPN: Not Pointing in PNP: Pointing In

“Audiophiles are the homeopathic healers of the electrical engineering world” if your curious about the patents

Check out Jörg Wuttke, Understanding Microphones Jörg Wuttke was born in Berlin in 1942. He studied electronics and telecommunications at Karlsruhe University, specializing in acoustics, and was teaching assistant to professor Günther Kurtze, the inventor of the shotgun microphone. He …

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I got an email notification for a new Ward-Beck systems book.  What a complete and total scam.

I cannot stress how important having a quality web hosting company is to me. is the only choice for me. Right now I’m sharing close to 15gb of data on several public websites like this one, and …

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I’m almost done week 2 of semester two… by themselves they are intimidating, but as a stack they are frightening.

found a textbook on the shelf at school and in its small section on audio(typical) the example used was… a lovely WBS- ST console – I wonder who the client was…. notice the scribble strip with alpha numerical readout? that was invented …

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Due to popular demand: Introducing: the Ward-Beck Systems RTO-214 Rack Mount Chassis APKaudio and Ward-Beck Systems are excited to announce a new lineup of retro products. Started with possibly the most requested and in demand item the has needed: a 2RU …

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I need a crash course in Aperture…   It’s getting nicer though… still need to calibrate the booth with a colour chart

Installed a new photo booth today.  Maybe I’ll light it up soon.  Paint was “dry” so I snapped a quick one with a single light.  

I know now we can fit two of the 2′ cubes and the “little” white one in the car. Major kudos to HHB Canada for being just the coolest company around.  The future and present is in those walls.

A very interesting item.

Loading up the studio on the last night  got some AA stickers with numbers to follow!  Most of this stuff is for sale with the exception of a few things… Rack 1 Rack 2 …

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