Month: June 2014

In the 70’s and into the 90’s WBS used a Schadow switch in almost every product they built. Different buttons required different offsets so “GOLDEN RULES” of design were made up so each engineer was on the same page. I …

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I thought this was very interesting

I’ve been building cables for over 15 years now and I’ve finally created a small calculator to estimate the costs of making an XLR cable. In the process, I am now offering cable construction services to help pay for going …


Quickly Uploaded some pictures of the fabrication of Wilma Here is the start of wiring up the channel buckets

I put a bid on this amazing console… just so I could say “I bid on the Beatles console…” but I was forced to retract my bid because I entered the wrong amount.

I’m very excited to learn more about digital controls. The program I’m enrolled in has started VHDL and Quartus. So I can practice better, one of these babies in on its way.

There’s a pair of SLM meters burning in as we gawk… Available soon!

Ever hear someone say “there’s something funny going on with that power?” I think electricians are sometime intimidated when they see Orange receptacles. I’ve become sceptical of Orange receptacles without a label on them. Today I had just reason to …

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