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Passive HP/LP Filter calculator – More fun with Excel

To better understand the behavior of a Passive Resistor Inductor / Resistor Capacitor I built another excel calculator…. ly

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Finished a project for school

I had to build a 1 watt Class AB – Amplifier for an Electronics devices course.   The school has an LPKF PCB prototyping machine to make these PCBs with.   I’m not going to turn down the chance to have the boards

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I was at a convenience store…

    It’s almost cheaper than iTunes…

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Transistor Man

a whole semester summed up in one drawing   From the Art of Electronics second edition – Paul Horowitz and winfield Hill  

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An electrical lesson…

So a client taught me a valuable lesson this week: Never solder (tin) the copper on an electrical cable.  The more whiskers of copper making surface contact the better.  Maximize surface contact!

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Time to clean your office chair

I moved my chair into the sunlight for the first time in… Sure enough it needed a cleaning.  The casters were beyond cleaning, so new ones with Rubber wheels (for the hardwood) have been ordered. This chair kicks serious ass!

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my sister sent me ths

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A teacher said…

“You should really not try and expect to have everything perfect, lower the OCD” and I said, “Leave me Alone so I can finish my lab”

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Ampex MM800

Such a nice looking transport! read the leasing info too… very cool! 

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Gets me every time…

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RLC calculator for components in series

I’ve been calculating a lot of components in series lately for an ECR255 class. I’ve also had to graph them on impedance diagrams and a power triangle. In an effort to better understand the math I made a calculator for

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Hairball build

All things considered the build is going well. The leads from the supplied output transformer could have been longer… and if anyone knows a good way to remove paint for grounding posts let me know :-)

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Making a game show trigger system

I got a text from a friend asking about designing a game show system that triggers sounds… he caught me JUST as I was walking out of a digital systems class… lucky for him I’m getting better at learning about

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