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Stereo Has its problems

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Working with a Power one Power supply in the construction of a 25V bi-polar PSU for some WBS modules.  I’m using the lovely power supply as a voltage doubler to get 48V phantom power.   

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Speaking of Hacintosh…

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Mic and Mod SSL Bus Compressor

Helping a client with a Mic and Mod SSL Bus Compressor.  A kit was brought to me 99.9% completed.  With a few tweaks it’s ready to rock.  I replaced the supplied THAT 2180b VCA chips with some NOS THAT 270001-01

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Speaker cut in half

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Grayson Matthews new studio

I was lucky enough the other day to have a tour of the new Grayson Matthews rooms.  I was very impressed.  Such a nice place to do voice work and music in.  

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While Shopping for a new mac

I realized the system I priced out today will be 90% cheaper in 2 years  

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Dinner Box – M461

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For the love of tools

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Joel Plaskett rocking some WBS pre-amps

I was reading (like I do every month plug plug) and saw Joels lovely new studio and Neve Console.  Front an centre I was happy to see the set of WBS pre-amps I wired up for him a few years

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Ward-Beck Systems “DINNER BOX” – dB-4

Working on the new Ward-Beck Systems “DINNER BOXES”    dB-4 Because there’s real Meat in it… Because sometimes I skip lunch… Because they don’t serve lunch at 4AM… Because I eat lunch for breakfast… It’s a backplate to simply wire

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How to erase a CD

Erasing a CD with high voltage coils

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Knee deep

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The Gorton brothers are in their new home!

I’ve got my new Gorton 256-6 grinder in the shop along side the P1-2 engraver!   I’m excited to have it back in the shuffle.  They look very different under the light!   

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Herman Miller Chair repair

My Old Herman Miller wheels were really ruining my floor.  This is something you don’t really think about until it’s too late… I ordered hardwood floor safe wheels for my chair.  I really recommend them for any surface… the soft

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