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Visualization of what’s on your hard drive

I was introduced to “Disk Inventory X” that displays a visual representation of what’s on your hard drives. Within minutes I identified HUGE files that were plugging up my laptop. The worst culprit is parallels… but I already knew that

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Ward-Beck Systems Dinner Box 4 – Ready to be soldered – dB-4

Here is the prototype for the dinner Ward-Beck Systems Dinner Box 4 – Ready to be soldered – dB-4 The parts can be quickly ordered here and assembly the simplest DIY project out there. Soldering and tests to follow!

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Rolling Stone Helios

Someone sent me this link about a new studio opening in Calgary. and one of the consoles going in is the Rolling stones mobile console. I thought you would enjoy some “Before pictures”

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DB-4 first PCB

got my prototype back and there were some tweaks needed. So many lessons to learn about PCB

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2014 bookshelf

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Vibrato on every note….

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Moving a patchbay

  A couple of weekends ago I helped move a patchbay out of a studio and down two sets of stairs… It was like “moving a washing machine down the stairs with a sofa attached”

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Avid crash

I was given an AVID pen, it crashed when the tip fell out

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Wilma – 2006

I once closed a downtown Saskatoon street to have a console delivered from Florida….

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McDSP ultimate Compressor and Eq

Today I had the good fortune of meeting with Derek Heimlich of McDSP. Derek introduced me to a solution to a grief I’ve always had with software plugins. After his introduction and chat about this product, I blurted out that “Software

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Ward-Beck Systems “DINNER BOXES” dB-4

Well after some time away, I’ve gotten back to the Dinner Box The dinner box is a PCB that users can solder EDAC connectors that mate with Ward-Beck Systems Auxiliary modules. With a standardized 5 PIN XLR power connector, users

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Husky Technician box review It did not last 3 weeks… do not invest in this product Both latches broke after putting up with other nonsensical deficiencies. The inside compartments do not work nicely and are very bulky, the lining in the box takes

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Will it fit… Tannoy Speakers

Picked up a set of Tannoy System-12s for the lab I was worried they wouldn’t fit… They are 140 Litres each! I’m excited to hear them in action! one had to go in the front seat…

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The History of Sound at the Movies

A fantastic and very thorough history of sound recording and playback systems in theatres

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48 TB….

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This mastering bundle LOOKs amazing:

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