Mic and Mod SSL Bus Compressor

Helping a client with a Mic and Mod SSL Bus Compressor.  A kit was brought to me 99.9% completed.  With a few tweaks it’s ready to rock.  I replaced the supplied THAT 2180b VCA chips with some NOS THAT 270001-01 I had from an SSL parts kit I had.  This thing sounds fantastic!

M445 VU meter 164 (1)M445 VU meter 163

M445 VU meter 164

M445 VU meter 165

M445 VU meter 166

M445 VU meter 169M445 VU meter 167

M445 VU meter 171

M445 VU meter 170
M445 VU meter 172

Screenshot 2014-08-24 21.00.33

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