Month: November 2015

Put a foot anywhere

Possibly the lowest WAF I’ve ever seen (Wife Approval Factor) It looks like a 1980s rock show, Par64! 

You can’t just buy one or two screw drivers for xmas, a whole set is a MUCH better idea. I’ve had nothing but a fantastic experience with WIHA drivers. This 33 Piece Drivelock screw driver set is a versatile and …

Sound guy Xmas – ScrewDrivers Read More »

Xmas is coming!  As we know sound guys are the most difficult people to buy for.  Over the last few year I’ve posted some suggestions, here is day 1! Day 1 – Rigol DS1054Z 4 Channel Oscilloscope This came to my …

Sound Guy XMAS!!!!! Rigol DS1054Z 4 Channel Oscilloscope – Read More »

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