Microphone Description Protocol

This is an idea about a byte efficient protocol that describes the contents of an audio channel. At first, you may laugh…

It uses UNICODE characters as a method to condense the language needed to describe something in the field. There are Emoji for so many generic audio terms.

An Emoji is 4 bytes to encode using UTF-8.

Click here for a full list of Unicode Icons and their associated Hex Values

Click here for a description on how emojis are interoperable and how they work (50 page read

Framework: Emoji followed by a description repeat. n feeds n+1

No Emoji = end of sequence

Signal Path is in the order it is displayed

To describe a person at a microphone, their role and info about the microphone and how it’s connected to the system a series of Emojis followed by text can be concatenated


Using this concatenation you can build up descriptions of the source

🆔 201911151163594296.344003000😃Axel📛Lead VocalℹBlonde hair glasses⚠Loves to grip mic🎤SM 58👻no🔌SNAKE 34🔌Channel 2🎚-60📗preset EQ

😃Security Guard 📛Position near the gate🎤SM58 👻no 🔌SNAKE 34🔌Channel 2🎚-60

Example of wireless microphone

😃📛Person 3🎤SHURE SM58📡 565.325 🔋 0:33🎚-10
📛RX Person 3📻565.325 🔌SNAKE 34-2

Example of a guitar and the cabinet
😃Terry📛Rhythm Guitar Left 🎸Les Paul 🧲 P80📢Marshall 412🎙C414👻yes 🎚-50 🔌SNAKE 34🔌Channel 2

How to create a mix
A mix is made of a web of sources at a particular level
🎨Mix 1🕸️ Axel🎚 -10🕸️ Person 2🎚 -10🕸️ Person 3🎚 -10🕸️ Person 4🎚 -10🕸️ Person 5🎚 -10

Give that mix to someone
🎨Mix 1🎚 -20 🎧WB13-3😃person 1
Headphones and on the person who receives the mix at a particular level

Use an EQ as a preset to insert
📗preset EQ📈 80 🎚 -2 📊 4.5k 🇶 1🎚 -2 📉 13k 🎚 -2

I did a quick test in Google sheets and it does parse the UNICODE as strings



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