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Macbook Charger Double Wrap

I had no idea…

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Speaking of Hacintosh…

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While Shopping for a new mac

I realized the system I priced out today will be 90% cheaper in 2 years  

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I said If I ever got another MacBook I would…

I said If I ever got another MacBook I would get this decal for it.

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infecting my mac… for school

I feel so dirty…

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sound guy xmas idea #5 – One of a kind Apple Mac Pro If only it were orange….

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An interesting observation on the new Mac Pro


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Consolidating Hard drives

Practicing what I preach. Moving (14) drives into long term storage. Pulled all the backups out of the safety deposite box, and moved their contents move forward onto a 3TB hard drive. Once it’s all checked for redundancies I will

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Hold ALT and Click

A helpful trick for the multiple interface user

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Having a “Change is bad” moment

Having a “Change is bad” moment. iTunes 11 I have long file names and there’s no way to change the width of columns…

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Modern Recording

Shared From The Rukkus Room This is a great illustration of where quality has gone. (and a good drawing of the actual gear helps). We the content creators, and broadcasters care about this long gone thing called fidelity and dynamic

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