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My inner “Tim the Tool Man Taylor” says:

uahhhh ha aha ha ooooohhhh yeahu huh hu 

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FREE STICKERS!!!! – – New Logo and sales concept has stickers in stock!!! Going to roll out the new logo soon… here is a sneak peak.  AA s… but there are NO A HOLES   Like a garage sale sticker… sharpie in the item numbers and potential buyers can

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Peggy Sue… Past the point of no return

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Mobile Patching system

Working on the mobile patching system.

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was talking with someone about gold today

I was talking with one of my teachers today about gold in ICs. All the gold is in the wires of big chips… so I looked around and found another video about the PCB plating THEN, blessings to youtube, there

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Can you name this console…

It’s not a WBS…  

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A Social Experiment

I’ve been thinking about a social experiment. I often take calls from people looking for services, I’ve met a lot of great people in this industry and I do stand by their great work and contributions.   So instead of

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Holy crap… moving sucks.    Cleared out of the Revolution Recording Custom shop.   

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I said If I ever got another MacBook I would…

I said If I ever got another MacBook I would get this decal for it.

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I was over at Ward-Beck the other week and saw some really nice turrets coming off the line.   Hand Made, versatile and robust. Just what you like to see in something that’s going to have the crap kicked out

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A Pandora Inside

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A test fit of buckets one and two

had a brief test fit this evening…

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Sound guy xmas idea #14 – A custom piece of studio furniture

If it’s not custom it’s crap.  And, if it’s not designed and built with the love and respect for the craft like Brock at 2egress builds, it’s also crap. I met Brock my first week in Toronto and was blown

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sound guy xmas idea #5 – One of a kind Apple Mac Pro If only it were orange….

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Now that I have a side… here is an isometric view of the side car

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2009 microphone cart

While visiting a friends studio (The Avenue Recording Company) I was happy to notice an old microphone cart I’d built for Tanda Recording.  The cart was designed to keep clutter down and be able to slide between the room partitions.

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The 1/2 designer was the EE – Lacie WhizKey failure

After a year on my key chain, my Lacie WhizKey is unreadable :-( Could anyone recommend a solid replacement? The cap that came supplied had no locking mechanism, it was lost thus making the contacts exposed to the environment. Cleaning

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An EDAC panel with some fresh engraving

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I was talking to someone about promo-mailers…

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Engraving practice

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