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RIP windows XP

one of the only stable things MS produced… after 4 service packs… and trillions of hacks

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Programming final project

So I’ve not programmed in a while and I must say I really really enjoyed this class. I enjoy the process of examining logic. The final project called for a resistor calculator. I’ve been enjoying the ELM program at Seneca,

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Using a POD 2 switcher

I wanted to add some components to my home listening system, so a switcher was needed. I’ve decided to use a POD 2 switcher… the POD-2 is a (6) Stereo input – stereo switcher that has the ability to sum

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A Social Experiment

I’ve been thinking about a social experiment. I often take calls from people looking for services, I’ve met a lot of great people in this industry and I do stand by their great work and contributions.   So instead of

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3 NAMM picks

I wasn’t there I was in school… but I have seen a few things. Moog 37 MS20kit and the UA Twin I like em I pick three

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Thinking about an external Hard drive? posted an annual report on the most commonly failing products… interesting results to follow and interestingly enough I’ve never seen a Hitachi drive for sale anywhere… anyone have an insight on why that may be?

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infecting my mac… for school

I feel so dirty…

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So you wanna know about thunderbolt…

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sound guy xmas idea #5 – One of a kind Apple Mac Pro If only it were orange….

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The 1/2 designer was the EE – Lacie WhizKey failure

After a year on my key chain, my Lacie WhizKey is unreadable :-( Could anyone recommend a solid replacement? The cap that came supplied had no locking mechanism, it was lost thus making the contacts exposed to the environment. Cleaning

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Spectrafoo or Smaart?

I’m looking to invest in a mobile acoustic measurement software and am looking for opinions. I’ve been playing with the Spectrafoo Demo and I must say it’s very impressive and it’s very competitively priced. The Main thing appealing to

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X-keys Programmable Key Sticks – Switch interface and Foot mouse!

I was thinking about custom keyboards foot controlled USB interfaces… then maybe some buttons on a panel… And a foot mouse!

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Urge to smash

I recently acquired a new computer and have begun the “Migration” from old to new. I know it’s not a quick process (600+ Gb from machine to machine) but by my math this estimation, using FW800, was WAY OUT. The

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Dial-up modem

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Two Notes Torpedo Live – now in a new home!

Finally got it in a rack! Two Notes Torpedo amplifier load box with cabinate / microphone simulation Jack added a speaker input on the producers desk for easy connection I said when I first heard about it that “This piece

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Manufacturers must think modern engineers are stupid…

This product from Fostex offends me

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