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3 NAMM picks

I wasn’t there I was in school… but I have seen a few things. Moog 37 MS20kit and the UA Twin I like em I pick three

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Sound guy xmas idea #10 – Dan Dugan E-1A

The DD E-1A is the ultimate tool in not caring.  It does all the mixing for you and truthfully can do a better job than most seasoned mixers.   It’s fast… I mean SUPER fast and accurate.  There is a

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How to properly wire in a dolby encoder / decoder

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MXR Phase 100 repair and mod

Someone blew it up with the wrong PSU… cost more to fix it than it’s worth.  Moral of the story… Every Guitar player needs a VOODOO LABS PEDAL POWER!!!

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And here it is…

The Linear Traveling Potentiometer presented at AES Toronto meeting Sept 24, 2013 The Math Project that inspired the FivePointNone

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Original LA2A for sale…

Photos by Philip Hotz

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Searching for a small reverb tank… 1BB3C1B – Who hoards these?

I’m repairing a Yamaha PG-1 guitar pre-amp and am in need of a reverb tank The model # I have is 1BB3C1B 1 – Type 1 B – Input Impedance 150 Ohm B – Output Impedance 2,250 Ohm 3 –

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Inside an AKG BX20E Spring Reverb

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I once put C16 in backwards in an LA4

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UREI Garbage

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Roland Dimension D Refurb

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Making a 12 channel WBS filter rack

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AMS RMX-16 Delay

I was looking thought my archive and found this. It’s a programming sheet for an AMS RMX-16 delay unit. I think we have the scanning wands somewhere… I doubt this would ever work as the JPEG compression would really mess

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How to properly move an EMT 140 plate

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