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you must visualize…

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Trick to remember NPN VS PNP

NPN: Not Pointing in PNP: Pointing In

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Wednesday night TV

Check out Jörg Wuttke, Understanding Microphones Jörg Wuttke was born in Berlin in 1942. He studied electronics and telecommunications at Karlsruhe University, specializing in acoustics, and was teaching assistant to professor Günther Kurtze, the inventor of the shotgun microphone. He

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5kg of knowledge – Semester 2

I’m almost done week 2 of semester two… by themselves they are intimidating, but as a stack they are frightening.

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Acoustic Camera

A very interesting item.

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was talking with someone about gold today

I was talking with one of my teachers today about gold in ICs. All the gold is in the wires of big chips… so I looked around and found another video about the PCB plating THEN, blessings to youtube, there

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Drawing charts: Improve the Data to Ink Ratio

Drawing charts: Improve the Data to ink ratio Check out the hints from

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Jeff Wolpert dolling out the wisdom

Jeff and Sydney did some fantastic work while I was at Revolution Recording. They’ve setup a killer room downtown and have Wizard Services to offer. Here is a great lesson from a very learned man.

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To Avoid Injury…

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Youtube sound quality…

I was watching an Interesting lecture from google and Andrew Scheps had an interesting point about youtube audio: Youtube doesn’t have an option to select audio rate. The sound rate is based directly on the video playback rate. The lesson:

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you know… I love this man and am forever in his debt.  He’s made laboratory grade audio equipment available to music / broadcast industry for many years and his standards and  interests have grown since his beginning.  Truly a childlike

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MCI: Mostly Crap Inside

I laughed out loud when I found this manual

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Big K and the worlds Roundest Object

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And here it is…

The Linear Traveling Potentiometer presented at AES Toronto meeting Sept 24, 2013 The Math Project that inspired the FivePointNone

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Peggy Sue Rough Functional

I’ve been working on a new functional digram for Peggy sue to explain to a client what it could become. It’s slowly taking shape, and I like where it’s going. Im looking for some parts… I may have to put

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Studying the hand

Never thought about it… …

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Getting better with the Gorton engraving machine

10 Lessons I’ve learned about engraving by hand: 1 – CLAMP CLAMP CLAMP 2 – Flexible material WILL FLEX WHEN CLAMPED! 3 – Start in the middle of the “A” 4 – 1:1 ratios show mistakes 1:1 5 – Don’t

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Resonant Frequency Chart

Elegance in simplicity

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WBS 60-12 input transformer

I had an old WBS 60-12 input transformer with tails too short to re use. so I opened it up. After desoldering the bottom cap, I cut the shell open. I’m sure if I heated up the wax it would

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Got some WBS Manuals to sort through

if you have a console from 1985-1994 please let me know.. I may have the manual for your console. Please email me your console project number and serial number and I’ll see if I do.

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