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Moving stuff across the country

I most certainly had a busy “reading week”.  It started with finishing up a job My brother Mike started.  Moving 7 pallets of equipment from my moms garage in Saskatoon.    Followed by great visits with Family and friends.  I’m

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20060723 – HVR ceiling fixture

In 2006 we (Myself and Andrew Waters) built a ceiling diffuser for the studio.  I’ve been doing some data backups and thought I’d share some pictures and info on the build.  The whole thing was made out of 2 X 4s

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20020827 – Tape Pre-amp design

I was going through some very old pictures when I stumbled across this. I was working at a TV station and was learning how to draw in 3D using Maya. What a fun exercise!

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I was going through my old wallet contents…

I was going through my old wallet contents When I found and old rate card for my studio. Each of use carried the card so we knew exactly what discounts and perks were when talking about packages. The taxes were

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2003 – HVR – my first commercial studio 10 years ago

So I’ve been digging through some pictures and found These Gems from about 10 years ago… I was 19 years old and moved into the 3rd floor of 115 2nd Ave North Saskatoon. It was RIGHT downtown saskatoon. It had

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A special Background for a photo shoot

2007 – I had a client who was being featured in a magazine and wanted a special background. This is what we came up with

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a blast from my past…

Cleaning up garage and I found a real blast from my past. This was the first mixer I ever bought, if I looked hard enough I think I could find the invoice…. This is a british – Star Sound Dynamix

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HVR patch bay labels

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looking back 10 years

finding pictures in the archive. I made some good records with that gear. I kept only two pieces and gradually weeded out and upgraded the rest The back was the best part. I remember one of the guys who worked

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1979 Fender Twin Restoration

This was a fun project, ’79 twin New caps, new gril, new caster, new hardware, cover, tubes, drivers, etc etc

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