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Keaton Music Typewriter

Amazing machine  

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Sound guy xmas idea #27 – ROLI seaboard Studio

A very new form of expressive keyboard has been introduced by ROLI in London.  They craft a very intuitive keyboard like no other called the seaboard. Recently they released the seaboard studio. I look at it as finally giving true

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Sound guy xmas idea #14 – A custom piece of studio furniture

If it’s not custom it’s crap.  And, if it’s not designed and built with the love and respect for the craft like Brock at 2egress builds, it’s also crap. I met Brock my first week in Toronto and was blown

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Hohner Bass 3 in for a tune up

My Brother sent me this flea market gem. The power on the schematic was wrong, a cap lead had come undone and it needed some TLC. The output is very low and I may build a little pre-amp for it…

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EMS Synthi 100

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YAMAHA EX-2 FOR SALE ON eBay It’s about the same size as a Hammond C3… Maybe we should have one!

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I want this ALBiNo 2600

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Urge to smash

I recently acquired a new computer and have begun the “Migration” from old to new. I know it’s not a quick process (600+ Gb from machine to machine) but by my math this estimation, using FW800, was WAY OUT. The

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Wurli nightmare…

Quite possibly the WORST place a bobby pin could fall inside a Wurli

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