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Xmas is around the corner.  Sound guys and gals are the hardest people in the world to shop for… I will be posting a stream of gift ideas! Day 1:  The Syscomp CTR-101 Curve tracer: Key Features -Plots device characteristics …

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I most certainly had a busy “reading week”.  It started with finishing up a job My brother Mike started.  Moving 7 pallets of equipment from my moms garage in Saskatoon.    Followed by great visits with Family and friends.  I’m …

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I know now we can fit two of the 2′ cubes and the “little” white one in the car. Major kudos to HHB Canada for being just the coolest company around.  The future and present is in those walls.

I’ve been thinking about a social experiment. I often take calls from people looking for services, I’ve met a lot of great people in this industry and I do stand by their great work and contributions.   So instead of …

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Holy crap… moving sucks.    Cleared out of the Revolution Recording Custom shop.   

Dave got his hands a little dirty in the cleaning of a clients T1202A. Very good little task out of the way. While it was in I snapped a few pics for the archive :-) I would have named it …

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a good read:

I was looking through the Sennheiser MKE-2 mics and found these great charts

I’ve got (6) pairs of Sony 7506s and all of the foams are shot. I REALLY like these Beyer Dynamic Headphone Foams. TREW audio has a few sets of Beyer 942704 in stock and I highly recommend them to anyone …

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