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Piston Type Tool Post & Tool Holder Sets For 12″ LatheComplete with 5 quick change tool holdersTurning and facing: 3/16″ – 1/2″ tool bitBoring, turning and facing: 7/16″ shankHeavy duty boring bar: 5/8″ shankKnurling, turning and facing: 3/16″ – 1/2″ …

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Looking to replace the 204 frame motor I watched my favorite teach on the subject and that pointed me to the plate on the motor I have Reading deeper into this, this is an OLD style of motor frame. 204 …

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Summer sale! Cleaning out the shop…  more to follow                       WBS-L – 10-060 : PPM Meter Driver WBS-L – 14-260 : Mic-Preamp and HP Filter WBS-L – 4-109 : Amplifier …

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Found some pictures of an Ampex ATR-102I shipped a few years ago.  It sat on a pillow of pink insulation.  Pink does more than you think. Once it was all set, I filled it with High Density styrofoam

Amazing machine  

Assigning IPs and all! 

I had no idea…

Dave Adams did my a solid today.  I needed some support cut to exactly 1.6 *12 plus 0.02 worth of “wiggle room” spaced over 12 modules.  He has the tools and knows them too well!  Thanks again Dave! 

This isn’t something you see everyday.  I know this is something he doesn’t have.  I know it’s a gift he’ll truly enjoy.

This would be a dream for the test bench.  Simple, robust effective analysis tools!   I would be happy with an old system one… but this would be on the shelf in a heartbeat.  The APx515 is a high performance …

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it’s not easy!  Yes, we included a robertson drill bit as a courtesy!


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