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Can you name this console…

It’s not a WBS…  

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Going to re-manufacture some WBS daughter boards

As a part of my school program, I’ve decided to take a shot at re-designing 2 WBS components. First the 4-110 mic pre-amp for the M460 – M461. In the 90s WBS redesigned the card using 5534 but I’m looking

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Jeff Wolpert dolling out the wisdom

Jeff and Sydney did some fantastic work while I was at Revolution Recording. They’ve setup a killer room downtown and have Wizard Services to offer. Here is a great lesson from a very learned man.

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A Social Experiment

I’ve been thinking about a social experiment. I often take calls from people looking for services, I’ve met a lot of great people in this industry and I do stand by their great work and contributions.   So instead of

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The audio mixer as a creative tool in musical composition and performance

An interesting read

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Holy crap… moving sucks.    Cleared out of the Revolution Recording Custom shop.   

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you know… I love this man and am forever in his debt.  He’s made laboratory grade audio equipment available to music / broadcast industry for many years and his standards and  interests have grown since his beginning.  Truly a childlike

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Sound guy xmas idea #14 – A custom piece of studio furniture

If it’s not custom it’s crap.  And, if it’s not designed and built with the love and respect for the craft like Brock at 2egress builds, it’s also crap. I met Brock my first week in Toronto and was blown

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WBS T1202A in for a cleaning

Dave got his hands a little dirty in the cleaning of a clients T1202A. Very good little task out of the way. While it was in I snapped a few pics for the archive :-) I would have named it

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Getting the WBS POD22s ready for installation

There is nothing like this meter on the market. It’s nice to have on the bench, excited to get them installed!

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20100424 – Roxanne – a WBS R1200 resto mod

One of my first ground up restores. This was a console with 12 Mic pre-amps, direct outs, summing and a monitor. It had a “Red Light” on the meter bridge… so I added a switch that said “POTRL” that “Put

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What is your reference?

If you have none, here are two of the best on the market

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The 14+ mix positions of the MMVAs

MUCH BROADCAST AUDIO setup for the 2013 Much Music Video Awards – Toronto Design: Michael Nunan, Doug Smith, Anthony Montano Michael Nunan – Main Mix Jonny Bartel – Main Mix Assist Patrick Castongay – Main Miix Assist Finlay Braithwaite –

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Boat Anchor for sale

AKAI MG1214 12 track recorder Make me an offer

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Making a 12 channel WBS filter rack

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WBS – M568P 24 track monitoring console

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a blast from my past…

Cleaning up garage and I found a real blast from my past. This was the first mixer I ever bought, if I looked hard enough I think I could find the invoice…. This is a british – Star Sound Dynamix

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Drawing up a small mixer

Building a rack of (12) WBS M470 with (12) M472 EQs. I’m still thinking about the fader replacement… I was debating an Edac for the inserst send and return with 15dB pads…

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WBS M1026

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Bil Whitlock Mic Splitter white paper

a good read:

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