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Making Yamaha to Digi crossover snakes

I had a call for some rush Yamaha digital to Digidesign Digital snakes.

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Book recommendation: Audio Systems Design and Installation This is a very well respected read as recommended to me by Neil Muncy.  At the time I was working for him (in exchange for books and resources) he would not let this one go.  Because this book was

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Making snakes for a Patching system

  We Built some 24 Channel snakes from some re-claimed Blenden Bundles.  All the EDACs were de-pinned and re-inserted into a 90 pin housing.  The other end has been cut to length and re-prepped into various configurations. Dave got some

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An EDAC panel with some fresh engraving

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WBS POD 22A meters – house standard!

Dave did some nice tails for the WBS POD 22 meters.

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Always growing the adapter wall

The demands only grow as the systems do. Red – XLRF – TRS Blue – XLRM – TRS Green – ground lift Yellow – polarity inverter Violet – XLRM – XLRM Black Expando – XLRF – XLRF Orange – XLR

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Patchbay backs

Rebuilding some TT patchbays and need new back panels

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HBL415OR – IG420 – I want!

A bit redundant that it’s a special IG… it is plastic

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HVR patch bay labels

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