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2009 microphone cart

While visiting a friends studio (The Avenue Recording Company) I was happy to notice an old microphone cart I’d built for Tanda Recording.  The cart was designed to keep clutter down and be able to slide between the room partitions.

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Making snakes for a Patching system

  We Built some 24 Channel snakes from some re-claimed Blenden Bundles.  All the EDACs were de-pinned and re-inserted into a 90 pin housing.  The other end has been cut to length and re-prepped into various configurations. Dave got some

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An EDAC panel with some fresh engraving

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WBS T1202A in for a cleaning

Dave got his hands a little dirty in the cleaning of a clients T1202A. Very good little task out of the way. While it was in I snapped a few pics for the archive :-) I would have named it

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Spectrafoo or Smaart?

I’m looking to invest in a mobile acoustic measurement software and am looking for opinions. I’ve been playing with the Spectrafoo Demo and I must say it’s very impressive and it’s very competitively priced. The Main thing appealing to

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Getting the WBS POD22s ready for installation

There is nothing like this meter on the market. It’s nice to have on the bench, excited to get them installed!

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20130530 – new WBS Console Side Panels

There has been talks of 12 channel consoles being made so designs are moving from paper to cad… I’ve been dreaming up a new design of side panel that can lay flay or be stood upright using a support. The

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Some buddies

Doing some calibration the other day and I brought old Faithful: B and K Tone Generator and HP 400FL meter. I modified the backs to have XLR connectors and the meter has an isolation transformer in it. Can’t work without

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And so begins the redesign…

Still working on some 12 channel consoles. Now with more metalwork drawn up… it almost looks like I know what I’m doing.

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Tool boxes home for a rest

A rare site… idle tool boxes. BACK TO WORK!

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Making a 12 channel WBS filter rack

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Bil Whitlock Mic Splitter white paper

a good read:

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RENTALS – I’ve spent so much time with this stuff in the shop, it’s time to hit record!!

I’ve decided to open my racks up for rental in town and in at the studio It’s VERY reasonably priced The whole thing started with Jägermeister. Kill Bennedy, may he rest in peace, said: “Every studio I go to

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Answer RP

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Lav Mic Positioning

I was looking through the Sennheiser MKE-2 mics and found these great charts

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Sony MDR-7506 foam replacements

I’ve got (6) pairs of Sony 7506s and all of the foams are shot. I REALLY like these Beyer Dynamic Headphone Foams. TREW audio has a few sets of Beyer 942704 in stock and I highly recommend them to anyone

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Pirate Fridays – online mixer

I’m moving a few things around and I must still ADMIRE the work of Ben and the Gang at eBrands by far the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of Click here to Launch the mixer A good friend

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Portable Record Player

I saw this today, thought it was rather amazing. 

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