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On Compressing the English Language

Someone picked my brain the other day looking for a technique to compress language files. After walking away to think about it… my method was to re-order the ASCII code to the letters by their frequency and the most common words

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Got to see a trafic control

A Charles Carvalho and David Miller Design.   Just works of art inside.  I can’t wait to hear it.

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had to throw out some art this week


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Using a POD 2 switcher

I wanted to add some components to my home listening system, so a switcher was needed. I’ve decided to use a POD 2 switcher… the POD-2 is a (6) Stereo input – stereo switcher that has the ability to sum

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A project I’ve been working on has come… full circle ;-)

Congrats to Kevin Park and the Lacquer channel team for getting the Neumann VMS70 back in the game. A fantastic project to have been a part of! We recapped the entire audio electronics for Kevin before he had lathe aficionado

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Neumann cutting lathe acceleration limiter

Here are some before shots of the Neumann cutting lathe acceleration limiter BSB-74 It’s a really work of art in there, had to share.

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Neumann VMS-70 Cutting Lathe Restoration

Boy am I excited to have been a part of a restoration of a Neumann VMS-70 Cutting lathe.  It is currently being setup at Tonronto’s Lacquer Channel  and undergoing calibration.  I have more pictures to post as we’re done a complete

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looking for a stylus upgrade…

looking for something in the $150 – $300 range… any suggestions?

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I was talking to someone about promo-mailers…

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Answer RP

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Transfering Records in reverse

I was given a 78 to transfer. When I transfer something one of a kind I do 3 passes. The first is dry, dusted as the client delivered. The second is wet (Ultrasonic bath if possible) The third is in

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Modern Recording

Shared From The Rukkus Room This is a great illustration of where quality has gone. (and a good drawing of the actual gear helps). We the content creators, and broadcasters care about this long gone thing called fidelity and dynamic

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Pirate Fridays – online mixer

I’m moving a few things around and I must still ADMIRE the work of Ben and the Gang at eBrands by far the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of Click here to Launch the mixer A good friend

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Portable Record Player

I saw this today, thought it was rather amazing. 

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