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What Is The Best Way to Learn Something New?

Finished an English paper, thought you may enjoy: Here is an M4A audio file of the article What Is The Best Way to Learn Something New? Anthony P. Kuzub Everyone learns in his or her own way. As an adult

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AES: back to being a student member

Feels good to be a student member again :-)

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Got my school book list…

Got my school book list. Does anyone know a good place to buy text books online? I would prefer both a paper and PDF version (to save my back)

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  • 100A 3-Phase Temporary Power Distro's
    All 3 are 100A 3-phase panels. They stack and interlock. One has wheels on the bottom for easy storage. 5-foot Cam-Tails as input. 2 near-complete CamTee sets included. Originally made for supplying a large amount of Food-Trucks and other festival vendors. 2 panels are identical with: 6 dbl 30A 1 dbl 20A 1 single 20A […]
  • Telefunken U47 - Mint condition
    Mint Condition Telefunken U47 Tube microphone. Amazing condition. $20,000 USD I have never seen a specimen in this museum condition ever.
  • Neve 1D005 Pre-amps
    1D005 pre-amps in boutique audio rack. powered and ready to love it's like a micro 1073 Inductor-based EQ, transformer input
  • (7) Genelec 8240A PM Powered speaker
  • NEVE 8816 Summing mixer
    Neve 8816 summing mixer includes quality D-SUB breakouts
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