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For your enjoyment: Digitally Controlled Analog Surround Sound Panning   Presentation:   Circuit Explination:   Presentation documents: 0 – TPJ – Technical Presentation 0 – TPJ556-FINAL report DCASSP-COMPLETE 0 – TPJ556-FINAL report DCASSP-SCHEMATICS V1     Project Source Code:   …

Arduino Project – Digitally Controlled Analog Surround Sound Panning – Open Source Read More »

Adding to the book list for 2015.  Lots learned and so much more to learn!

Xmas is coming!  As we know sound guys are the most difficult people to buy for.  Over the last few year I’ve posted some suggestions, here is day 1! Day 1 – Rigol DS1054Z 4 Channel Oscilloscope This came to my …

Sound Guy XMAS!!!!! Rigol DS1054Z 4 Channel Oscilloscope – Read More »

Someone picked my brain the other day looking for a technique to compress language files. After walking away to think about it… my method was to re-order the ASCII code to the letters by their frequency and the most common words …

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Learning about harmonics, this handy calculator helped with understanding the math.  I love excel!

you know it’s going to be rough if you’re on page 894 of a textbook called “Technical Mathematics with Calculus”

Bob Katz book “Mastering Audio the art & the science” 2nd ed.

Erasing a CD with high voltage coils

To better understand the behavior of a Passive Resistor Inductor / Resistor Capacitor I built another excel calculator…. ly

I had to build a 1 watt Class AB – Amplifier for an Electronics devices course.   The school has an LPKF PCB prototyping machine to make these PCBs with.   I’m not going to turn down the chance to have the boards …

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I thought this was very interesting

Quickly Uploaded some pictures of the fabrication of Wilma Here is the start of wiring up the channel buckets

NPN: Not Pointing in PNP: Pointing In

Check out Jörg Wuttke, Understanding Microphones Jörg Wuttke was born in Berlin in 1942. He studied electronics and telecommunications at Karlsruhe University, specializing in acoustics, and was teaching assistant to professor Günther Kurtze, the inventor of the shotgun microphone. He …

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I’m almost done week 2 of semester two… by themselves they are intimidating, but as a stack they are frightening.

A very interesting item.

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