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Put a foot anywhere

Summer sale! Cleaning out the shop…  more to follow                       WBS-L – 10-060 : PPM Meter Driver WBS-L – 14-260 : Mic-Preamp and HP Filter WBS-L – 4-109 : Amplifier …

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Found some pictures of an Ampex ATR-102I shipped a few years ago.  It sat on a pillow of pink insulation.  Pink does more than you think. Once it was all set, I filled it with High Density styrofoam

I was at a Hi Fi shop in Ottawa and they would not demonstrate the RX202 for my brother… Of all the things in the store, this was not for sale for some reason… here is a video of what …

Nakamichi RX-202 cassette deck flip Read More »

Channel 3 used an original bayonet style bulb… it needed to be changed to match the other LED lit VU meters  

I’m so lucky to have such thoughtful family. I know how difficult it is to shop for us sound guys. I hope the ideas I’ve been sharing have been of inspiration to eager shoppers. I thought I would share some of …

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This isn’t something you see everyday.  I know this is something he doesn’t have.  I know it’s a gift he’ll truly enjoy.

it’s not easy!  Yes, we included a robertson drill bit as a courtesy!


I most certainly had a busy “reading week”.  It started with finishing up a job My brother Mike started.  Moving 7 pallets of equipment from my moms garage in Saskatoon.    Followed by great visits with Family and friends.  I’m …

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Such a nice looking transport! read the leasing info too… very cool! 

  Cleaning up the pile…

I did a house call this weekend on a sick A80. Track 2 was being glitchy so it was replaced with track 15s chassis and pulled for bench service. It’s really nice to see these machines still kicking like it’s …

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Got a new toy, MCI JH24 – We call it “Woody”, You know it’s not very cherry, it’s an oldie but a goody… But it still gets me where I wanna go It woke up from an 8 year slumber …

MCI JH24 – We call it “Woody” Read More »

I laughed out loud when I found this manual


I hear tape duplication is coming back?


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