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Ward-Beck Systems – RTO-214 and RTO-114 prototype

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New Photo Booth

Installed a new photo booth today.  Maybe I’ll light it up soon.  Paint was “dry” so I snapped a quick one with a single light.  

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4 racks of gear loaded up for sale

Loading up the studio on the last night  got some AA stickers with numbers to follow!  Most of this stuff is for sale with the exception of a few things… Rack 1 Rack 2

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Loading up some shelves…

  Cleaning up the pile…

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My inner “Tim the Tool Man Taylor” says:

uahhhh ha aha ha ooooohhhh yeahu huh hu 

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Mobile Patching system

Working on the mobile patching system.

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Sin and Cos

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Using a POD 2 switcher

I wanted to add some components to my home listening system, so a switcher was needed. I’ve decided to use a POD 2 switcher… the POD-2 is a (6) Stereo input – stereo switcher that has the ability to sum

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Jeff Wolpert dolling out the wisdom

Jeff and Sydney did some fantastic work while I was at Revolution Recording. They’ve setup a killer room downtown and have Wizard Services to offer. Here is a great lesson from a very learned man.

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A Social Experiment

I’ve been thinking about a social experiment. I often take calls from people looking for services, I’ve met a lot of great people in this industry and I do stand by their great work and contributions.   So instead of

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Holy crap… moving sucks.    Cleared out of the Revolution Recording Custom shop.   

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A project I’ve been working on has come… full circle ;-)

Congrats to Kevin Park and the Lacquer channel team for getting the Neumann VMS70 back in the game. A fantastic project to have been a part of! We recapped the entire audio electronics for Kevin before he had lathe aficionado

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Sound guy xmas idea #28 – contact cleaner

Crunch time!  only days left to buy your sound guy a gift!  I like MG super contact cleaner with Poly Phenol Ether… it’s awesome.  And when you have MG chemicals, cut two holes at the top to the cap to

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20060723 – HVR ceiling fixture

In 2006 we (Myself and Andrew Waters) built a ceiling diffuser for the studio.  I’ve been doing some data backups and thought I’d share some pictures and info on the build.  The whole thing was made out of 2 X 4s

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Sound guy xmas idea #25 – New drill with USB charger

I love DeWalt tools.  My drill has built many studios and is still going extremely strong!  It is however very bulky for the work I do now.  DeWalt (those clever guys) sent an email about their new 20V XR that

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Sound guy xmas idea #23 – New “Hand Cart”

Sound guy xmas idea #23 – New “Hand Cart” – AKA: Dolly, Two Wheeler, Mexican Segway, Miss Parton… I was working with a cheep Canadian Tire dolly and blew a wheel almost right off the hop. It finally gave out and

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Sound guy xmas idea #20 – New Leatherman

I try to keep one on myself at all times… it’s an Every Day Carry.   I think I can build an entire studio with one of these tools, and there hasn’t been a day in a good long time

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Sound guy xmas idea #19 – Good cable ties

After using them all… RIP-TIE wins hands down!  

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Sound guy xmas idea #18 – TOUGH GAFF tape dispenser

Either tape inner diameters are shrinking or my hands are getting fatter…  Could have put one of these to good use this weekend

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Sound guy xmas idea #17 – WALKIE VEST

I was doing a show today and I could have really used something like this to keep me organized.  Walkie pulling down my pants on one side, mic pre-amp hanging from a piece of sash… this would have been MUCH

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