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Turn table math

I thought this was very interesting

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A Social Experiment

I’ve been thinking about a social experiment. I often take calls from people looking for services, I’ve met a lot of great people in this industry and I do stand by their great work and contributions.   So instead of

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A project I’ve been working on has come… full circle ;-)

Congrats to Kevin Park and the Lacquer channel team for getting the Neumann VMS70 back in the game. A fantastic project to have been a part of! We recapped the entire audio electronics for Kevin before he had lathe aficionado

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Neumann cutting lathe acceleration limiter

Here are some before shots of the Neumann cutting lathe acceleration limiter BSB-74 It’s a really work of art in there, had to share.

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Neumann VMS-70 Cutting Lathe Restoration

Boy am I excited to have been a part of a restoration of a Neumann VMS-70 Cutting lathe.  It is currently being setup at Tonronto’s Lacquer Channel  and undergoing calibration.  I have more pictures to post as we’re done a complete

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Doing some homework

reading up on an upcoming restoration project.

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Repairing a Phono Pre-amp

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what’s 3,060 grams and the best bday gift ever?

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Transfering Records in reverse

I was given a 78 to transfer. When I transfer something one of a kind I do 3 passes. The first is dry, dusted as the client delivered. The second is wet (Ultrasonic bath if possible) The third is in

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Sound And The Story

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High Quality Recording and Reproducing of Music and Speech – 1926

From: High Quality Recording and Reproducing of Music and Speech By J P Maxfield and H C Harrison (Bell Telephone Laboratories 1926). Introductory paragraphs by Roger Beardsley. The age of electrical recording In this time of incredible technical achievements

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Portable Record Player

I saw this today, thought it was rather amazing. 

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