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Due to popular demand: Ward-Beck Systems RTO-214 Rack Mount Chassis

Due to popular demand: Introducing: the Ward-Beck Systems RTO-214 Rack Mount Chassis APKaudio and Ward-Beck Systems are excited to announce a new lineup of retro products. Started with possibly the most requested and in demand item the has needed: a 2RU

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New Photo Booth

Installed a new photo booth today.  Maybe I’ll light it up soon.  Paint was “dry” so I snapped a quick one with a single light.  

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Loading up some shelves…

  Cleaning up the pile…

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Peggy Sue… Past the point of no return

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Working on a new Layout

Making things a little easier to post on the website.  Making it easier for users to post content and get help 4 simple categories of most asked questions. Support:  Archive:  Sales:  Users

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Going to re-manufacture some WBS daughter boards

As a part of my school program, I’ve decided to take a shot at re-designing 2 WBS components. First the 4-110 mic pre-amp for the M460 – M461. In the 90s WBS redesigned the card using 5534 but I’m looking

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Going through filing cabinets….

Recorded with a Replay XD 1080 Camera<

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Using a POD 2 switcher

I wanted to add some components to my home listening system, so a switcher was needed. I’ve decided to use a POD 2 switcher… the POD-2 is a (6) Stereo input – stereo switcher that has the ability to sum

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Holy crap… moving sucks.    Cleared out of the Revolution Recording Custom shop.   

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A test fit of buckets one and two

had a brief test fit this evening…

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Now that I have a side… here is an isometric view of the side car

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Details are going in for some side cars

I’m working on the details for some 12 channel side car panels. I’ve done a few rough sketches but these are the most accurate dimensions yet. Things are coming together and as I’m drawing I’m realizing how truly brilliant the

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New WBS M441M Buttons

Doing a test fit of the new buttons :-)

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2013015 – Orange “CH ON” buttons

I recently got a bunch of blank switch buttons. I wanted some new CH ON Buttons in APK orange… this is what I came up with.

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Making snakes for a Patching system

  We Built some 24 Channel snakes from some re-claimed Blenden Bundles.  All the EDACs were de-pinned and re-inserted into a 90 pin housing.  The other end has been cut to length and re-prepped into various configurations. Dave got some

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WBS T1202A in for a cleaning

Dave got his hands a little dirty in the cleaning of a clients T1202A. Very good little task out of the way. While it was in I snapped a few pics for the archive :-) I would have named it

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20130530 – new WBS Console Side Panels

There has been talks of 12 channel consoles being made so designs are moving from paper to cad… I’ve been dreaming up a new design of side panel that can lay flay or be stood upright using a support. The

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20100424 – Roxanne – a WBS R1200 resto mod

One of my first ground up restores. This was a console with 12 Mic pre-amps, direct outs, summing and a monitor. It had a “Red Light” on the meter bridge… so I added a switch that said “POTRL” that “Put

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Fader Butter

Was Cleaning some old faders when….

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WBS console Wiring

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Ward-Beck Console?

Running Out of Room?

Need a Hand With a Project?

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