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Samsung: Possibly the worst stereo system I’ve ever seen

I thought it was a washer and dryer….

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had to throw out some art this week


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VW golf – Will it fit?? 14 power amps…

BARELY!!! This was a hairy transport… I feared getting into an accident with this load.   I most certainly would have been taken out.  Also, the weight of them sure dropped the back of the car 3″!   Thanks again

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Pallet Jack Troubles…

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Husky Technician box review It did not last 3 weeks… do not invest in this product Both latches broke after putting up with other nonsensical deficiencies. The inside compartments do not work nicely and are very bulky, the lining in the box takes

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Sound guy xmas idea #22 – Microphone Shaped Sponge

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I’m not a foley artist but…

I’m not a foley artist but I was always told Corn Starch makes the best sounding snow…  Stay out of school kids; they can’t teach creativity, they can only encourage it. Of you could just youtube anything and some drunk

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Sound guy Xmas idea #3 – New patch cables

Just avoid Planet Waves:

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Monster buzzword buzzword buzzword wire VS solder

We had a chunk on Monster Cable “Interlink Reference 2 High Resolution total bandwidth balance Audio Interconnect cable with Micro fiber” and a piece of solder in the shop… so we put them through the audio precision. guess which one

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Clair Brothers – Cable Tester

All I can say is: Holy shit Found this one the Sound Art facebook page

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Surround sound speaker placement… you’re encouraging it wrong|7914

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Lesson in redrawing a faceplate

1. Alcohol removes silkscreen 2. no two pots are created equally. 3. Standards aren’t I got this from a re-call sheet from tube-tech:

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I hate snakes

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Turns out it was a 9

Your browser does not support the video tag

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Audio Technicha Microphone Wardrobe

This was brought into me to sell Never seen anything like it

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Again boggled by AVID…

I did an install to mountain lion. Installed latest pro tools 10…. Sees device, doesn’t know it… Results in downloading 33mb update only to install 3mb driver???

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It doesn’t even crash properly

you know it’s a piece of shit when it forgets its name.

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This sucks – Bias no longer operating

Doing a migration from one computer to another I’ve lost my ability to licence a software a really enjoyed. Bias Peak and Bias Sound Soap. Their licensing server has been shut down and I cannot authorize it. I understand there

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customer Service

I like this sign, but the best way to prevent an accident, like this one is exaggerating, is customer service.

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Tape to USB

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