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Put a foot anywhere

Possibly the lowest WAF I’ve ever seen (Wife Approval Factor) It looks like a 1980s rock show, Par64! 

You can’t just buy one or two screw drivers for xmas, a whole set is a MUCH better idea. I’ve had nothing but a fantastic experience with WIHA drivers. This 33 Piece Drivelock screw driver set is a versatile and …

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Xmas is coming!  As we know sound guys are the most difficult people to buy for.  Over the last few year I’ve posted some suggestions, here is day 1! Day 1 – Rigol DS1054Z 4 Channel Oscilloscope This came to my …

Sound Guy XMAS!!!!! Rigol DS1054Z 4 Channel Oscilloscope – Read More »

I’m so lucky to have such thoughtful family. I know how difficult it is to shop for us sound guys. I hope the ideas I’ve been sharing have been of inspiration to eager shoppers. I thought I would share some of …

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I support the post office as much as I can.  It’s a great service I would hate to see go away. A long time ago I was informed of the venture one card.  I saved 5% on shipping when you …

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If I’ve learned anything, it’s that: you can never have too many LA2As around the studio.  In addition that, I know that each of the old ones is its own animal.   For more information check out Universal Audio y

This is a little extreme for hobbyists, but I can see something like this really coming into handy around the shop.   

I totally forgot that 2015 happens after xmas… this has been my daily carry around, love the analog planners!   

I’ve been watching these Cable eye systems and stumbled upon this.  So killer!

Got a Call from Christopher today.  “I do a lot of EDACs” I said.    He said “what you really want is the CB37 Light Director Board“ And he was right.

Cable eye M3U would be my first choice    

It counts the loose change found in the studio couches.  

I cannot count the number of things I’ve cleaned in this thing.  Seriously has saved me thousands of dollars in parts and time.   Check out eBay for more sizes and options

This isn’t something you see everyday.  I know this is something he doesn’t have.  I know it’s a gift he’ll truly enjoy.

Oh yes, this would come in handy with the increase of RJ45 working being done! 

This would be a dream for the test bench.  Simple, robust effective analysis tools!   I would be happy with an old system one… but this would be on the shelf in a heartbeat.  The APx515 is a high performance …

sound guy Xmas idea: APx515 2-Channel Audio Analyzer Read More »

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