Rebuilding – Eventide Flanger


Analog out… that means… what….?

AES – SC-05-05 – X-152 – Call for participation

The goal / target / deliverable is a template that manufacturers could include in their manuals that explain the characteristics of the signals leaving devices and the characteristics of signals a device is capable of receiving. Having these parameters summarized in a consistent way will help users integrate equipment.


Working Group on Grounding and EMC Practices

Group Scope: The scope of the SC-05-05 Working Group on Grounding and Electromagnetic Compatibility Practices shall include, within the bounds of the scope of SC-05, all practices affecting usage and performance of audio hardware, with respect to the susceptibility of the signals it carries to effects such as noise and cross-talk due to the manner of its connection and construction, and the effects of its signals on other hardware and systems in its vicinity. It shall not set standards for personal safety with regard to such connections and construction but shall keep safety considerations in mind in its recommendations.

Tool post and Holder

Piston Type Tool Post & Tool Holder Sets For 12″ Lathe
Complete with 5 quick change tool holders
Turning and facing: 3/16″ – 1/2″ tool bit
Boring, turning and facing: 7/16″ shank
Heavy duty boring bar: 5/8″ shank
Knurling, turning and facing: 3/16″ – 1/2″ tool bit
Easy tool set up to speed production
Weight: 5.5kg.

Microphone Description Protocol

This is an idea about a byte efficient protocol that describes the contents of an audio channel. At first, you may laugh…

It uses UNICODE characters as a method to condense the language needed to describe something in the field. There are Emoji for so many generic audio terms.

An Emoji is 4 bytes to encode using UTF-8.

Click here for a full list of Unicode Icons and their associated Hex Values

Click here for a description on how emojis are interoperable and how they work (50 page read

Framework: Emoji followed by a description repeat. n feeds n+1

No Emoji = end of sequence

Signal Path is in the order it is displayed

To describe a person at a microphone, their role and info about the microphone and how it’s connected to the system a series of Emojis followed by text can be concatenated


Using this concatenation you can build up descriptions of the source

🆔 201911151163594296.344003000😃Axel📛Lead VocalℹBlonde hair glasses⚠Loves to grip mic🎤SM 58👻no🔌SNAKE 34🔌Channel 2🎚-60📗preset EQ

😃Security Guard 📛Position near the gate🎤SM58 👻no 🔌SNAKE 34🔌Channel 2🎚-60

Example of wireless microphone

😃📛Person 3🎤SHURE SM58📡 565.325 🔋 0:33🎚-10
📛RX Person 3📻565.325 🔌SNAKE 34-2

Example of a guitar and the cabinet
😃Terry📛Rhythm Guitar Left 🎸Les Paul 🧲 P80📢Marshall 412🎙C414👻yes 🎚-50 🔌SNAKE 34🔌Channel 2

How to create a mix
A mix is made of a web of sources at a particular level
🎨Mix 1🕸️ Axel🎚 -10🕸️ Person 2🎚 -10🕸️ Person 3🎚 -10🕸️ Person 4🎚 -10🕸️ Person 5🎚 -10

Give that mix to someone
🎨Mix 1🎚 -20 🎧WB13-3😃person 1
Headphones and on the person who receives the mix at a particular level

Use an EQ as a preset to insert
📗preset EQ📈 80 🎚 -2 📊 4.5k 🇶 1🎚 -2 📉 13k 🎚 -2

I did a quick test in Google sheets and it does parse the UNICODE as strings



Hardinge Lathe 204 frame Motor

Looking to replace the 204 frame motor I watched my favorite teach on the subject

and that pointed me to the plate on the motor I have

Reading deeper into this, this is an OLD style of motor frame. 204 Stopped being used in 1953… Of course, mine is a discontinued motor frame…

Looking more at this I see the 203 and the 204 frames are similar it’s the screw mounting width that is different. I think an adapter plate could work. The only dimension that matter is D and U. U is 3/4″ so the center of the motor must be 5″ from the bottom of the plate. Obviously P must be smaller or equal. Watch out for the boxes that stick off the side for the wiring to enter.


A D of 5″ is no longer a standard. The closest D is 4.5″ that leaves 1/2′ for an adapter plate.

All the newer motors have 7/8 shaft meaning the pully will also need to be changed. The 145T looks interesting… Some shopping:

There is hope.

There are also sexy stainless steel motors….

there are charts for the motor mount brackets:

Metal tools in a woodshop…

Wood dust and metal tools are enemies. The only way to keep the metal tools hapy ks to isolate them. I needed a way to them in their happy oiled up domain. I decided against cupboards and favoured Air tight drawers. There is a need for a gasket… but by design they should work without it when properly pushed back.

This is what i came up with.